Dr. Ziad Aoudi | Principal

This year marks a significant milestone and shall be highlighted as ‘The Year of Celebration’ as we have achieved the rating of ‘VERY GOOD’ from ADEK and officially becoming an IB world school. I have a profound happiness and pride for the contribution subjected by students, parents and faculty.

The past few years have been testing times- from the effects of the covid lockdown; members of our family have been bubbled, sanitized, isolate, socially distanced, masked, traced and tested. One positive we have managed to verify, is that the unification of our community is strong; unparalleled togetherness is what has allowed us to fight through these challenges and now, we are stronger. Between technology and creativity, we maintained academic superiority.

Our priority, regardless of the on-goings of the outside world, remains to be the students. Emphasis on character and skill development has always represented a cornerstone of our pedagogical approaches to promote originality, confidence, entrepreneurship and creativity. Our students are now more knowledgeable, skillful, resilient and agile. They are more efficient and aware of the skills essential for embracing and unleashing their passion, innovations and therefore achieving their dreams. Together we have demonstrated that our collective efforts when directed towards the students’ wellbeing are a vigorous force that can deal with adversity!

Looking ahead next year we are excited to implement Teaching for Innovation practices throughout all of our activities. We are enthusiastic about the future ADEK visit which will undoubtedly recognize and celebrate more of our achievements and progress in alignment with the managing director and board of trustee’s vision, hence positioning the school for consideration for OUTSTANDING. We will take your hands all the way down the aisle so all your future memories of the almond blossoms will bring reminiscence of outstanding educational preparation. Our next goal for this year shall be teaching for innovation as seeking knowledge that will support new and unique ideas in instructional techniques that will reach the students in more effective and exciting ways.

I am profoundly grateful to those who have, directly or indirectly enriched the lives of our students this past year; teaching and support staff, the board of directors and Trustees, PTA members, sports coaches, other community volunteers, parents and caregivers. I equally extend my sincere thanks and best wishes and to those returning next year I look forward to seeing you back refreshed and ready to tackle another year of opportunities and innovation.

Finally, I can find nothing more appropriate and sagacious than reiterating the wise words the late Sheikh Zayed signifying the role of education and development of the UAE: “A country greatest investment lies in the building of generations of educated and knowledgeable youth.”

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